Techniques :
Twisted knotted - Braided knotted - Rachel - Woven - Extruded - Accessories

Applications :
Aviary - Anti-birds - Shading, windbreak, occultation - Tipping trucks - Scaffolding - Sport - Fishing



Mesh of 19mm

Mesh of 28mm

Mesh of 50mm



* Protection for 3D sector :


Application : to prevent all types of birds to enter in certain places (building squares, historical monuments, silos, etc...)


Multimailles advices you to use twisted knotted square mesh netting (more easy to lay) in high density polyethylene, with UV treatment, for a more important longevity

We particularly recommend you these products :

- anti-SPARROW NETTING : square mesh of 19mm, in diameter of 1mm 

- anti-STARLING netting : square mesh of 28mm, in diameter of 1mm 

- ANTI-PIGEON NETTING : square mesh of 50mm, in diameter of 1mm or 1.2mm

These nets are available in your sizes and exist in different colours : black, white, stone. 

If you want, netting in others diameters and strength are also available. 


For an industrial utilisation, fireproofing netting (classification M2) is possible through another society. A fireproofing certificate will be transmitted when you order. 


* Protection for thatched roofs :


Application: to prevent birds stealing thatch wisps to build their nests. 


Multimailles recommends you to use rachel netting in high density polyethylene, in diamond mesh of 22mm.

These products are available in standard sizes or made-to-measure, principally in black.


Do not hesistate to consult the list of fixing accessories !

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